Friday, July 20, 2012

A Life Cut Short

Tributes have been pouring in for an up and coming sports writer whose life was cut short in an act of truly senseless violence. I did not know Jessica Redfield (Ghawi) but several of my friends knew and loved her. They've been sharing stories and videos on Twitter and Facebook. I've compiled some of them here, so you can get to know Jessi (as she was called) and marvel at all she had already accomplished in her young life. If you see a post that's not included here, I hope you'll share the link.

In fact, Jessica narrowly escaped another mass shooting last month in Toronto! She shared her experience in this very unsettling blog post.

Jessica "Redfield" Ghawi
1987 - 2012

Her brother Jordan shares his family's heartbreaking timeline since learning that Jessi had been shot inside a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Here's a tribute written by Cassie McClellan (Raw Charge, SBN Seattle & my co-host at CCPT Hockey Show)

Sean Leahy from Puck Daddy contributed this story.

Here's a passionate and emotional story from Justin Goldman from Goalie Guild.

The first story I read about Jessica came from Ken at Fang's Bites.

My friend W.B. Philp (Lightning Shout) posted this YouTube video of a lighthearted interview featuring Jessica and a member of the San Antonio Rampage (AHL).