Thursday, July 3, 2008

You Give TV News a Bad Name

I saw something the other morning on the Today Show that made me yank great chunks of hair out of my head and feel very ashamed to say that I work in TV news. They did a story on a woman who was stabbed to death by a carjacker because she would not surrender her car. She was trying to protect her baby who was in the back seat. If the story wasn’t bad enough, they came out of it to a shot on the couch, and Meredith introducing the woman’s husband and TWO OTHER CHILDREN. She insisted that everyone wanted to be on the show to talk about what a wonderful wife and mother she had been, but every time she asked the son (who looked 13) and daughter (who looked 10) a question, they became so upset it was hard to answer.

Here’s my question: WHO’S GREAT IDEA WAS IT TO DRAG THESE KIDS ON LIKE A MORBID DOG AND PONY SHOW? I mean, really. Are we so greedy for ratings that we stoop so low?

I don’t care if the kids DID insist on coming on the show. ADULTS should have better sense than to let this happen. If there’s some producer sitting back and thinking they scored a coup by dragging grieving children on air to cry over their murdered mother, that producer SHOULD BE SHOT.

At this point, I am extremely disgusted to say I work in the same medium and hope my bosses have the good sense never to stoop so low.



  1. *applause*

    You are SO spot on. I really think they should be ashamed of themselves for airing that piece. But not only that, I think those that sit glued to shows like that should evaluate just what their own appetite for sensationalism is doing to our new shows. They put out what the average viewer gobbles up. Sad, isn't it? You watch it because it's your job. But I hear so many people complain about news stories taken too far and yet they STILL sit there and watch the shows.

    If we want them to stop, we have to do the only thing they hear. Get up and turn it off. When their ratings drop things will change.

  2. Uggh makes my stomach turn. What an embarrassment.