Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hockey Limericks - Just For Fun!

There once was a goalie named Fleury
Whose ankle sprain caused quite a worry
But he healed good as new
Helped the Pens win a few
And became part of a great success story!

There once was a guy named Laraque
Who on the ice was quite a jock
But take the skates off
And his heart was quite soft
Which some people found quite a shock

There once was a goalie named Osgood
Who minded the net here in my ‘hood
Then Ozzy grew Wings
Helped crown Detroit “Kings”
Now he’s living a life that is so good.

You’ve gotta give each team its due
For fighting to make it on through
To the next round of games
And the quest for great fame
With the Stanley Cup firmly in view


  1. How very festive of you! Now I want some Irish stew. LOL

  2. SU,
    Where have you been? I'm beginning to miss your stories. Please come back soon... I know its been brutally long, but the offseason is over in just 3 more days! haha.

    Hope everything is well and you're getting ready for the puck drop!

    Let's Go Pens