Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Riley Armstrong Interview posted at KING 5 Site

                                    Riley Armstrong/Photo Courtesy:  Scott Berg

I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Riley Armstrong not too long ago.  We chatted about all kinds of things, from his early days as a figure skater, to his wild ride with the Everett Silvertips in their inaugural season, and his road to the Worcester Sharks and its parent club in San Jose.

Riley is open and comfortable talking about all kinds of things.  Follow the link below to see what he has to say about his team's playoff bid, his memories of the Silvertips and their fans, his love even now, for the billet family who opened their doors (and their hearts) to him in Everett, and the one race in which he's beating older brother Colby.


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  1. We have been here before and will be here again. We are down, but not out. We were beaten, but not defeated. We lost a couple battles, but not the war. Pick any cliche you like, they are all true. It is officially us against the world. According to them we are down and out. According to them, we have already lost. According to them, we can't. We are finally coming home to a hostile crowd, thirsty for a taste of what is to come, eager to prove that we can!

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