Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Interviews with Zach Hamill and Graham Potuer

I love talking to people, but I love talking to people and sharing it with the world even more. Recently, I got to chat with a couple of former Everett Silvertips. Well, one is more "former" than the other. Zach Hamill played this past season with the Providence Bruins (Boston's AHL team) and is at Boston's prospects camp right now. Graham Potuer wrapped up his 5th and final season with the 'Tips this year. He's now working a summer job and waiting to start school in the fall. He's committed to play for the University of Calgary's hockey team and study.

Of the two players, I think I'll miss Graham more, mainly because I didn't start really going to Silvertips games until this past season and Zach was already gone. I did see Graham play each time I went, and he played the same each time: all out, leaving everything on the ice. He and Taylor Ellington made such a great defensive team on the ice, it's sad to see them both go.

Both Zach and Graham were fun interviews, very talkative and extremely nice. I've posted links to the interviews below and as always, welcome your feedback.

Graham Potuer/Photo:

Graham Potuer interview

Zach Hamill/Photo: Providence Bruins

Zach Hamill interview

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