Monday, May 31, 2010

Talking Hockey on the Radio

My friend Cassie ("Raw Charge" writer & @dagmar27 on Twitter) and I decided to take over a radio show that sprang up last season among some friends of ours. The show had helped us spend a fun Sunday evening chatting and calling in to banter about hockey and other topics. Justine, the show's original host, couldn't make it one night, so we volunteered to guest-host. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and with Justine's blessing, decided to continue and see where we can take it.

We've just wrapped up the 4th episode of "Connect Community Puck Talk," and are having a blast. Cassie and I have been lucky to snag some great guests, like Chelsea Alexander, a Sharks and Caps fan who's a regular contributor for The Hockey Writers, Paul Gheduzzi, a Rangers fan who is up to date on the dealings involving his West team, the Phoenix Coyotes, Nate from, a blog devoted to all things Philly, Buddy Oakes, a Preds fan who runs the blog and radio show, "Preds On the Glass," Mark Willoughby, another Preds fan who runs the blog "The View from 111," and is spearheading an NHL Tweetup on Tuesday, June 6 to benefit flood relief efforts in Nashville, Clayton Hansler, an avid Leafs fan who works with the Toronto Marlies of the AHL, Alix Wright, a Canucks blogger who has new reason to start following the Lightning in the East, and renowned Tampa Bay blogger John Fontana, who along with Cassie, run the blog "Raw Charge" over at SB Nation. Our good friend Super Dave has called in to chat about a wide range of hockey topics, along with our good friend Mike Chiconsky. 

We've had switchboard problems, awkward pauses and abrupt endings. But with each show, we're finding that we're having more fun. The ad libs are starting to come a little easier (for me, it's because I take notes so I can refer to them when my mind goes blank!), the guests are getting easier to line up and we're ready to take this show as far as we can. Hopefully, folks decide to continue tuning in and downloading the show, giving us feedback and suggesting topics and guests.

Here's the link to our last show:

And... here's the link to our show page, should you wish to tune in!

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  1. John seems to think that we need a Facebook fan page for our show. What do you (or anybody else) think?

    (Great post - makes me want to write one, too!)