Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 NHL Draft - Mock Drafts = Learning Experience

Last weekend, we dedicated most of our CCPT radio show to the Draft. I must confess, I'm fascinated by all the "mock" drafts leading up to the real deal. I never really thought about trying to predict which teams will take which players (aside from the top picks, of course). As guest Nick Giglia from Hockey Independent talked about strategy surrounding the draft, then shared his own mock draft, I realized I'm more than ignorant about the process, I'm downright clueless. How much skill does it take to boldly predict that the team with the #1 pick will pick the #1 prospect (or the #2, as the case may be). I was more fascinated with the projected wheelings and dealings of teams picking 10th or lower. And what about these supposed trades and other strategies? I know there are hockey experts who spend a great deal of time researching all the nuances and delve into the mindsets of those who hold the futures of more than 200 hopeful players in their hands.

My interest in this year's draft lies solely in the fact that 4 players from our local WHL teams are eligible: Goalie Calvin Pickard from the Seattle Thunderbirds, and goalie Kent Simpson and D-men Radko Gudas and Alex Theriau from the Everett Silvertips. I'm also interested to see where Nino Neiderreiter (Portland Winterhawks) and Brooks Macek (Tri City Americans) end up, as well as which young players the Pens and Kings will pick.

Hearing Nick's picks (and reading up about the various teams that may take Calvin Pickard) intrigued me so much, I ordered a copy of McKeen's NHL Hockey Draft Guide and read the scouting reports on the top 90 prospects. Here's a LINK to more info about the guide. I also delved into the various mock drafts posted online by various hockey bloggers and writers. I've linked some below. See how your picks match up, then let's meet back here after the draft to see whose mock draft came closest to the real thing!

B.D. Gallof & the Isles blogosphere - Hockey Independent
Scotty Wazz - The Strangest One of All
SB Nation's mock draft (submitted by John Fontana of Raw Charge)
Joe Correia - Bleacher Report Staffers
The Hockey Guys

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