Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Puckpourri: Pens net some Stars, Carey channels VINCENT Price, plus one HECK of a WHL game

So... the Penguins' lineup changes again. I found out via Twitter that the Pens have traded Alex Goligoski to Dallas for James Neal and Matt Niskanen.  I don't know much about either player, except that I think Sid got into a fight with Niskanen earlier this season.

Will this trade make a difference to the Pens, who have struggled without Sid and Geno, but still managed to win a number of games? I guess we'll just have to tune in and see. Here's the news release from the Pens' website:|PIT|home

Lyle Richardson from Spector's Hockey wrote up a good analysis of the trade. Just click here.

Carey Price's new goalie mask has sparked a lot of chatter; not all of it good. He unveiled it yesterday for the Heritage Classic and calls it a tribute to Jacques Plante. I'm not sure what to think of it, but many say it "creeps them out." 

Okay. Maybe it IS a little creepy.

Last night, I attended my first hockey game in months, heading down to ShoWare Center in Kent for the T-Birds/Chilliwack Bruins match-up. I arrived early (2pm) to co-host the CCPT Hockey Show from ShoWare. That was an interesting experiment, lots of fun but cut short by about 45 minutes because of the music that started blaring from the speakers. The game that followed was one that I will not soon forget. It had everything, including a line brawl! I wrote up the game for the KING 5 website.
Here's the link:

By the way, MANY THANKS to Brian Liesse for letting me use his photos. He's part of the awesome Washington Prep Sports Network, but also has his own amazing website.

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  1. Really love your blog, especially the name! Just stumbled over, and glad I did. I have a soft spot for hockey too ;) Have a great Friday!