Sunday, June 8, 2008


About two weeks ago, I googled "Sidney Crosby" and found countless sites dedicated to this hockey wunderkind. They ranged from "Sid's goals" to "Does Sidney Crosby have a Girlfriend?"

After slogging through several sites and coming away more dissatisfied than before, I stumbled upon a site called "The Sidney Crosby Show." I didn't have high hopes when I clicked on the link. But then, the site opened up, and so did my eyes!

This site is chock-full of all things PENGUINS, not least of all their erstwhile young captain. It's run by two people, with a woman named Jodie taking up the lion's share of the work.

It is smart, witty, entertaining and extremely informative. Not only that, the site contains links to blogs about other hockey teams, sorted by conferences! Who else gives you all this and great photos that can be turned into wallpaper at the click of a mouse?

I highly recommend "The Sidney Crosby Show" to anyone who's a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, or hockey in general.

Here's the link:

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