Saturday, September 5, 2009

WHL Preseason Tourney - Day Two, plus a Day 1 wrap up (Kinda)

Silvertips v. Tri City Americans/Photo: Me

It's 9:38am and I've been awake since 5:30am. I sidetracked myself for a couple of hours by watching a mindless movie and catching up on episodes of "Dark Blue." But the clock is ticking down the minutes until today's big day of WHL hockey at Comcast Arena and it's time to get moving!

Last night's Silvertips/Tri City game was so much fun! And it was great to see the guys out on the ice, to be reminded again just how speedy Zack Dailey is, just how smooth Shane Harper looks as he homes in on the action, just how smart Kellan Tochkin is, as he scopes out the puck and makes play after play to help give the 'Tips scoring chances. Dale Hunt also played a big factor, as did Cameron Abney. And let us not forget Kent Simpson in goal.

I like the Tri City Americans, even more so since I became friends with several Amerks fans, but I have to say that Everett pretty much owned the game last night. They scored early and often. Alex Poulter and Kellan Tochkin scored in the first. Shane Harper teamed up with Dale Hunt and Zack Dailey to score in the second. Hunt and Harper teamed up again for the 'Tips third goal - this time, Hunt scored while Harper assisted. Ryan Murray also helped with that goal.

Everett went into the third period up 4-0, but Tri City kept young goalie Drew Owsley in net. He started showing more confidence and made several key saves in the final 15 minutes. The rest of the Amerks started showing more confidence, too, playing more aggressively and following through on hits and stops.With about 7 and a half minutes left to play, Tri City finally score, right after Alex Theriau went to the box for roughing. Tochkin was already serving an interference penalty, and Adam Hughesman was also cooling his heels on a hooking call. I think Drydn Dow got the goal. It was too loud and I couldn't hear the announcer. I'll have to double check. The pushing and shoving got worse after this and the refs had to move quickly to keep several scrums from turning into fights.

Tri City scored one more time, with 32 seconds left in regulation. Jordan Messier found a chink in Kent Simpson's armor to bring the Amerks to within two. Adam Hughesman got the assist. But for the Americans, it was a case of "too little, too late". Final score: Everett 4, Tri City 2.

Today's action pits Prince George against Portland at 11:30am, followed by Tri City v. Spokane at 3pm and tonights marquee matchup: the Silvertips v. the T-Birds at 7. I hope more fans turn out for today's action than yesterday's games. That freakin' goal horn is unbearable when the crowd is so sparse. Every time the 'Tips scored, I wanted to break things because of that damn thing.

Well, my coffee is almost gone and so is my breakfast. It's now 10:09am and I need to get ready to trek to Everett. And today, there will be NO hockey fashion faux pas for this girl. I'm giving up trying to find a shirt that doesn't make me look as though I'm playing favorites. I'm wearing my HUNTSVILLE HAVOC jersey for today's action. There are no SPHL teams anywhere near the Washington state line, so I think I'm pretty safe. Of course, their colors ARE red, black and white, but if people can't read the "Huntsville Havoc" logo on the front, then let them think I'm there to cheer for Prince George or Portland. You and I know the truth.

Happy Hockey, everyone!!!!

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