Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WHL Preseason Tourney Recaps are Coming!!!

Okay, I am a loser.

Now that we've established that, this post is to just let you know that I will post game recaps from the WHL preseason tournament this past weekend in Everett, hopefully before the week is out. Work and my crazy schedule have kept me from sitting down and knocking these out.

I will recap:
From Friday: Prince George v. Seattle, Tri City v. Everett
From Saturday: Prince George v. Portland, Tri City v. Spokane, Seattle v. Everett
From Sunday: Tri City v. Prince George, Seattle v. Spokane (first period only). I didn't get to see Everett v. Portland because I had to get home and sleep so I get to work by 2am.

If you have anything you want to contribute, just let me know.

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