Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday Puckpourri: The meaning of Gratitude, via Adam Proteau

I'm sitting in my kitchen, trying to warm up while more snow falls outside, trying to make a list of everything that I'm grateful for this year. As usual, I was procrastinating and distracting myself by checking out Twitter, Facebook and an old episode of "Law & Order" (the one loosely based on Michael Jackson's obsession with kids).

I was just making my third round of Tweets when one caught my eye. It was from The Hockey News and read: "In his blog, THN's Adam Proteau - @ProteauType - offers holiday thanks to the real heroes of the hockey world." The tweet came with this link:

Being the curious person that I am (and always looking for another distraction); and having liked other blogs by Adam, I clicked on the link and for once, I am happy that I procrastinated. This is the most eloquent, thoughtful story I've read in a long time and really illustrates the true meaning of gratitude. 

I'm thankful for people like Adam, to look past the obvious, to find gems that shine more brightly from the inside.

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